Thursday, 28 April 2016

How To Build A Stylish Wardrobe From Scratch

Many people are curious about finding out how they can build a new wardrobe as well as how they can develop a personal style. A good number consider all these a daunting task. There are very many reasons as to why a new wardrobe is needed. Some of the reasons are weight loss mostly after birth, weight gain or just a change in appearance among others.

With the love and evolving of fashion, it is not a sin to change your wardrobe once in a while. It is wise to consider one's budget and an individual style before building a wardrobe. Lack of doing this will lead to many mistakes in the future. Change of the wardrobe is something that you will need to live with so a lot of practice is required. Shopping skills are also a plus.

Here are the steps you need to follow when building a wardrobe:

1. Evaluate your lifestyle-
You need to find out several things about yourself.
• What kind of environment do you live in, Is it professional or at home?
• Do you still go to work stay-at-home or retired?
• Where do you live? Could be in the city, suburbs among other places
• Is the place you reside in warm, cold, hot or windy?
• How do you spend your free time? What activities do you engage in?
• Do you dress up every so often?
• What size of a wardrobe do you want, is it small or huge? It is important to note these questions down as you are going shopping. Make sure you answer them sincerely since they will help you make better decisions while shopping. At the end of the day, you will shop for items that you will have fun and contention while wearing.

2. Do a thorough cleaning to your closet-
There is no meaning in staying with something that you do not wear forever. It is, therefore, important to throw away everything that does not interest you. There are those things that you really value and somewhat you never used them, a good piece is advice is to sell them on eBay. This will enable you to get some good cash to help you carry on with building your new wardrobe. For those clothes that you don’t need and can’t sell donate them to charity and give friends and family.

3. What are your core pieces?-
These are those clothes that build the base of your wardrobe. They are the pieces you can’t live without. It is, therefore, wise to list them down. This will help you to make a better judgement as you go shopping. They also are the most expensive part of your wardrobe so it is proper to prepare yourself financially. Depending on what your core pieces are tried and build your closet around that but make sure you have as much fun as possible. Also, make sure you incorporate various colours and different prices.

4. Budget-
This is the most important part of the whole idea. You must work with what you have at hand do not buy items with money that has not been budgeted. Be sure to cut cost as much as you can this is because the lesser the budget the more selective and cautious you are while buying.

5. Pinterest account-
These are the best tools and the most helpful if you want to stay on the current fashion trends. Go ahead and create your style sheets but do not think of the benefits you will acquire. Take this as a platform to find out what kind of fashion moves you. Finding out what suits you is exercise so you have to be patient and have fun while at it. Don’t get stuck with one style, try to be a good researcher and have fun with the styles until you get one that fits your personal style. Take a look at amazon collections.

6. History-
Never forgets about your past try as much as possible to think of the old styles and why they did not fit you. There is something about those clothes that you really liked. Use that information and try to relate to it every time you buy something new.

7. Try it on-
There is a high possibility that you will be misled if you buy clothes without fitting. It is, therefore, wise to fit clothes so that with time you will identify what you like. You should also look at the labels so that with time you will be able to tell your style and size without much struggle.

8. Selfies-
Photos are a great way to tell how you really look. They help you make your own judgments without relying on what others see or what the mirror tells you. Take a friend with you while you are shopping and ask them to take snaps of you with your new clothes on. If you go shopping on your own then take selfies. This way you will make a better verdict and the best thing is that you can save the image for later.

9. Choose a stylish friend-
Everyone has that friend who they admire how they dress. Approach that friend and ask to take them for a cup of coffee. Then go ahead and kindly enquire about their style. Be upfront with them on your wardrobe building and ask for tips. Ask them to take you with them for shopping .Make sure that you derive as much information as you possibly can.

10. Forget the style rules-

This is simple as long as the outfit you choose to wear makes you happy and fits you well then go ahead and have it. Do not let what people think about various styles deter you from having fun wearing what pleases you.

11. Widow shop-

Yes you heard it right, it is very important to go shopping without enough money. By doing this you avoid impulsive buying. This helps you take into consideration all the things you remember after the window shopping. You will also save money and your wardrobe will be full of clothes you should wear.

12. Professional assistance-

In this day and age there are professionals in every sector of our daily lives. So what should hinder you from seeking the help of a closet organizer? I don’t think there is, in fact, an expert will identify your problems and help you find their solutions. You will also have someone to give you a genuine opinion of how you look.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Top 8 Kitchen Trends in 2016

Are you up for keeping with the latest kitchen trends for the year 2016? Whether you're looking to upgrade a few essential kitchen details or have decided on a complete overhaul, these trends will give you novel designs and ideas to choose from. Take a quick look at the 8 hottest and most trending kitchen designs in Singapore:

1. The Addition of Work, Docking and Charging Stations In Kitchens
It has been estimated that around 30% of all kitchen designs in 2015 have some kind of work station or home office station built into them. The space shared in modern style kitchens incorporate elements such as charging stations for laptop computers and smart phones, and docking stations for setting up a small home office. This trend follows the rise of technology, and the fact that more and more people are using them, even in the kitchen. Isn't it annoying when your tablet or laptop powers down as you are relying on it to complete a dish? A full outlet isn't a pretty sight, so smart designers have added unobtrusive outlets that pop out when you need a quick charge.

2. Outdoor Kitchens
The time for indoor kitchens dominating the landscape is over. Move over, as outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more the trend for people living in Singapore. This 2016 kitchen design is more than just for weekend barbecuing; instead of portable stoves and grills, you get installed kitchens and complementing seats out in the sun. Experts say that the kitchen is perhaps the most sociable room in the house, as all year-round home events make use of this space to cook or as venues for social gatherings. Once the kitchen goes outdoors, homeowners and their relatives can take advantage of the beauty of nature, and its reputation will only be strengthened.

3. Wood Is In, Genuine or Not
One of the best materials, whether for your kitchen floor, for your cabinets or countertops will always be wood. 2016 will see the resurgence and dominance of wood in kitchens far and wide. In fact, more and more people are preferring wood more than any other material for kitchen flooring; hardwood floors in particular. Whitewashed flooring works great with almost any color palette combination, while brown and grey hardwood floors can compensate for a kitchen's lack of color theme. Other materials such as porcelain and ceramic can be used in conjunction to create a truly unique kitchen (more on this later). What is it about wood that makes it the all-time favorite material that never goes out of style? It could be the undeniable charm it provides, the look and the atmosphere it creates, or maybe its durability and natural beauty to make a property feel truly like home.

4. Minimalistic-Type Kitchens
Bare-bones is the new look of 2016. Gone are the days that a kitchen is stacked up high with pots and pans, knives, kitchen appliances and a hundred other minor kitchen ornaments and tools. Minimalism design has affected kitchen space and provides a clean look that is appealing to many. There's less things to get distracted by. Less embellishments, and homeowners will get to see how their countertops look maybe for the first time in a long while. Simple accents dominate the kitchen space and landscape, making way for more pronounced features such as backsplashes and lighting. If you're having a hard time thinking about minimalism, then think this: simple, clean and utilitarian is the 2016 trend.

5. More Storage Than Ever
A house might have more storage space in kitchens than any other room in the house. It makes perfect sense when you think about it- more storage means you can put all those pots, pans, china, glassware and coffeemaker somewhere people won't see. Innovation in kitchen technology have produced conveniences such as tall pantry designs and rollout spaces are welcome and an excellent addition in any kitchen. Hidden chutes where you can put in recyclable and non-recyclable waste as you cook, pullouts that you can use to store your spice in, charging drawers and docks for your electronic gadgets, and much more. Decluttering and minimalism is the current trend, and having tuck-in storage spaces help you achieve that look without throwing away all your kitchen elements.

6. Dark and Light Themes, Varying Countertops and Shelves
While its often true that a kitchen is designed with primary whites and greys, bold kitchen trends showcasing different color blends are starting to emerge. Cabinet colors can take on two or more synergistic tones, with the emphasis on the contemporary. The same style holds true for countertops. Earthy wood countertops are becoming more and more commonplace, with granite-made and quartz-made ones following closely behind. Combinations of wood, stone and stainless steel, set in a minimalistic kitchen style open up a slew of choices for homeowners. Shaker cabinets add to the undeniable charm of wood and overall minimalistic style. Open shelving has also recently gained new light in 2016- you can see the contents 24/7. Goods stored in open shelves save the homeowner time as they won't need to rummage around endlessly for that salt shaker, though it isn't really recommended for those who want safety more than anything else.

7. Wet Bars And Coffee Makers Are Now Built In
Coffee and liquor have become staples in any home, so modern designs and trends take those elements in and seamlessly add them as built-in components. Espresso and coffee stations have left countertops and aren't portable anymore- you just pull them out, and proceed to make a steaming mug of coffee with it. Wet bars and wine refrigerators have become standard as well for many kitchens, which people can pull out and make some drinks after a day's hard work.

8. Pets Can Have Their Own Space
Finally, as pets are becoming more and more present in many homes, it is only natural to include feeding stations where your feline or canine companions can see you. Pullout feeding bins, cat or dog food storage, crates and even built-in beds are great to have. This trend clears up clutter and any potential mess as you might step on traditional feeding bowls while cooking food.